When creating an enemy, or any NPC capable of moving and being affected by the enviorment and fighting other characters, one should consider 4 basic three things:

  • What is the NPC's method of battle: This determines what the NPC's weakness will be, and where in an area it will be found. Ranged enemies are usually weak at close range, and found on high ledges or in towers, while melee enemies are usually weak to arrows and found in an area where they can find cover from arrowfire.
  • What is the NPC's Element: See the element page for more details, but basically the element will determine what the NPC's weakness is and what it's attacks will be like, as well as where it will be found. For example, Fire-based enemies will be found in Fire-based areas, shooting firey projectiles, being immune to firey attacks, having an advantage over Wooden shields, and being weak to water based attacks.
  • When in the game is the NPC found: Enemies near the begienning of the game will be weak and easily defeated, but enemies in the late game may be stronger than the 1st boss of the world.
  • How many NPCs will be in the average group of said NPCs: While enemies may be stronger near the end of the game, they may instead be weaker than mid-game enemies, but swarm the player in large groups.

There are also a few NPCs who will fight enemies, though they are rare.