When creating a race, one must be certain to make a creative and original creature.

Take note that races will be affeced greatly by the area they live in, and they will be found in an area fitting their biological needs and diets. For example:

  • Zoras live in water, so even if they aren't in a watery area, they will probably attempt to reach one.
  • Gorons need Rocks to eat, so you will most likley see them in a rocky area.
  • Deku races will be found in forests.

Some races have even been seen to change entirley, specifically in the Wind waker. For example, many fans think the Zoras changed into Rito (Maj thinks it makes no sense that an aquatic race would change as a result of everything becoming aqautic).

Things to doEdit

  • Make your race original. we don't use other peoples' ideas.
  • be creative! be bold and create something entirely new.
  • Fit in to the Legend of Zelda series. The most technologicly advanced soldiers would be armed with crossbows or iron weapons. Please see our Assimilation guide for more info on how to fit your race into the Zelda universe.

Things not to doEdit

  • We cannot stress enough that you must not copy other people's ideas. DON'T DO IT!!!
  • Don't use other peoples pictures unless you have permission to do so. Violating copyright is considered illegal.
  • Don't make a technologically advanced empire. It is preferable not to use guns or other such technologies, as our fan fiction is based in a fantasy world.
  • Don't make a Mary Sue race. "Mary Sue" means something which is outlandishly strong, like a race of Majora's Masks.
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