This is a guide to help you write stories.

Things to doEdit

  • Be consistent with the series. Link will be the main character and the story will be set in a fantasy universe so use tech levels above this only if said tech has been used in an LOZ game (like ancient robots).
  • Be creative. don't just copy the cannon dungeons with other bosses into ovne big thing, be original!
  • Be descriptive. Don't just say: "Link walked in the brick room, when the door shut", say something like: "Link walked cautiously into the cold, grey brick room, then the door slammed shut and locked behind him!"

Things not to doEdit

  • Don't use guns or any other tech above a fantasy setting unless it's been used in an LOZ game. The only exception is when the story is set in the future (if you so want it to be).
  • Don't be random. Obviously we don't want you to say:
"Link was riding towards Hyrule castle when the Skull Kid attacked him, "I DON'T EAT MONKIES" Link said, but Ganon ate the whole entire everything."
―NO! We don't want you to write like this! Don't be random!
  • DON'T EVER EVER, USE OTHER PEOPLES' IDEAS, CREATURES OR PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!  Other users work hard to make stuff, so don't use them.